Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Photo-shoot Plan

This is our Photo-shoot Plan.

It contains the details of when and where we are going to photograph our album cover art. It also includes the Props and Costumes that we require on each occasion. 

location permission requests

location permission requsts

This is our proof that we have asked permission to be able to shoot in locations across Sutton and Carshalton.

Track Permission Letter

This is the track permission letter that we have written in order to ask the music label whether we could use the song "Did Ya Think" by The Veronicas

Monday, 21 October 2013


This is our Animatic that we created in order to give us a better understanding of how the real music video would go. we did this by editing it the way that we will edit the real thing having the shots on the screen for the correct amount of time in order to show how the music video will flow.

props and costumes

Props and costumes list

This is the prop and costume list that we decided we would require for the production of our music video. we included both general and specific costumes/props that we would require in order to complete the music video.

location scout

 location scout

 This is one location that we are going to use for narrative shots. we chose to use this location as it fit in with our genre with the posters that are up on the wall.

This is another location that we are going to use for narrative shots.

This is one location that we were going to use for more narrative shots but we decided to move to a different location as we felt as if it would work out better for our project.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

This is a draft idea for my CD Cover.
our band is called Take 2 and our album name is name is split decisions.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Test Shot

Test shots - growing tattoo

 By doing these test shots we were able to get an idea of how long it was going to take for the tattoo to grow and allows us to better incorporate it into our plans.