Monday, 16 September 2013

research post 12

Pop Rock genre video analysis.

The band nearly always performs to the camera.

Cross Cutting between performance and narrative

The Band/Artist are dressed rebelliously.

research post 10

research post 5

Rock video analysis - Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine

 In this music video we can see a lot of shots of the band performing which is fairly common in the rock genre. in this clip you can see the editor decided to cross cut between the artists performing and the crew setting up for the performance which has been sped up at times.

we also see that they used a lot of close ups and medium close ups which is typical of music videos in general. The close ups are of the bassist and guitarist performing.

In this rock video we seem to have a lack locations as it is all set in the studio and there are no costumes changes which is not very typical of a music video.

research post 3

Pop Video Analysis - Pitbull - Feel This Moment ft. Christina Aguilera

In the music video we can see several conventions of a music video, starting with PitBull and Christina Aguilera performing to the audience this is to start a relationship with the viewer as they perform to the audience.

We also see a multiple of different locations through the video, such as a live concert, a recording studio and a filming studio. we also see the costumes change with the locations to make the artists dressed as you would expect for the location.

we also see that the music video is the length of the song as it starts and finishes at the start and end of the track.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

research post 8

Carol vernallis - the kindest cut.

carol vernallis compared music videos to Hollywood film she found that music videos contain narratives, or at least concepts that typically link with the song. The video is normally in an unconventional order usually done by montage editing. through out the video there is a lacking sense of space and time, and use visual hooks are used to link different locations or times within the video.

one example of a music video that vernallis describes is Ed Sheeran - Lego House

In this short clip of the begging of the music video we can see that there is an unconventional order in that it jumps from location to location also giving us no sense of time or space. they also use visual hook in that the actor is always centralized on the screen and so the audience is focus on him.

research post 9

Andrew Goodwin's theory of music video editing.

In Andrew Goodwin Theory of music video editing he says that there three different types of music video, illustration, amplification and disjunction.


An Illustration music video has several consistent factors, it always cuts on the beat, the video is often a literal illustration of the lyrics or is the band performing at different locations and the band are dressed as you would expect for the genre of music.

Illustration example : Eminem ft Rihanna love the way you lie

In this example of an Illustation music video we can see the editor has decided to cross cut between the artist perfoming and a couple that acts out the literal meaning of the lyrics.both Rihanna and Eminem are dressed as you would expect for this genre.


Amplification also has several factors in that it cuts both on the beat but also features, amplify the lyrics and gives a narrative to the lyrics. typically in amplification music videos the band plays fictional characters in the narrative.

Amplification example :All American Rejects gives you hell

In this example of an Amplification music video we can see that it clearly cuts on the beat, the narrative is about neighbors fighting which fits with the lyrics of the song, the band also plays a fictional role in the video.


A disjunction video cuts off the beat and can feel more like a film. The video will shows abstract images which have nothing to do with the lyrics. there is typically no performance by the artist, there can also sometimes be dialogue.

Disjunction example: Daft Punk - da funk

In this example we can see that it cuts off the beat and is more like a film in that there is dialogue and no singing, there is also no performance by the artist.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

research post 7

Low budget video ideas

A Ha! Imogen Heap

At the start of the video we hear a loud bang, the video cuts in at this point and is edited to the music the whole way through. as we start to get into the song the editing immediately steps up in pace to stay with the pace of the music. we also see the artist lip sync with the song at several points throughout the song which is typical of a music video. They seemed to have sped up and slowed down some of the clips in order to make it fit with the music track. at several points through out the video we see the artist cross faded over different instruments that are being played. From this video the ideas that i have gained are, keep the pace of the editing and the pace of the music at the same speed and use lots of close ups in order to cut away to.

The Fix - Just Got Paid.

In this video they use a variety of locations that are vary simple and easy to set up, the fact that they all turn around one after each other and that they all are doing the dance routine tells us that they are a boy band. there is a large amount of high key lighting which goes well with the feel of the song as it quite up beat. they lip sync the artists with the song really well. they used the mtv intro and outro titles which work well with this song as it is where you would expect something like this to be played. from this the ideas that  have taken are, use high key lighting to illuminate your artist or low key lighting to shade your artist depending on the song, i have also learned that by using a wide variety of locations it makes look more high budget as you are filming in more locations.

research post 6

conventions of a music video
  • Artist appearing in the video 
  • The video will be based around a concept rather than a story
  • The artist will perform throughout the video, either dancing, playing instruments or gesturing
  • The video will contain a range of camera movements to create a dynamic look (energy) most often tracks, cranes and whip pans 
  • The video will usually have 3 or more different locations, which may change with each verse/chorus
  • The costumes will match the locations and will often change when they change
  • Artist will usually lip synch along with the lyrics
  • There will usually be sections of the video that are filmed in a studio, most often the performance parts
  • The video will usually contain some kind of narrative, often intercut with performance shots
  • The video may often use high angles to create a vulnerable or sexy look, or low angles to create a dominant or powerful look
  • The song will be the soundtrack to the whole video, it will start and end when the music starts and ends
  • There will be a wide range of different shot types/angles in each location to allow for dynamic and non-repetitive editing
  • The editing will cut to the beat, and will be montage editing
  • Quite often a slow motion effect is used to create a sexy or slick feel
  • The video will use mostly close ups for the lip synch , mid/long shots for performance and extreme close ups for cutaways

research post 2

Pop Video annotations

research post 1


 A promotion package for the release of an album, need to include a music promo video, together with the following;

  • A cover for its release as part of digipak (Cardboard CD cover)
  • A magazine advertisement for digipak