Thursday, 12 September 2013

research post 9

Andrew Goodwin's theory of music video editing.

In Andrew Goodwin Theory of music video editing he says that there three different types of music video, illustration, amplification and disjunction.


An Illustration music video has several consistent factors, it always cuts on the beat, the video is often a literal illustration of the lyrics or is the band performing at different locations and the band are dressed as you would expect for the genre of music.

Illustration example : Eminem ft Rihanna love the way you lie

In this example of an Illustation music video we can see the editor has decided to cross cut between the artist perfoming and a couple that acts out the literal meaning of the lyrics.both Rihanna and Eminem are dressed as you would expect for this genre.


Amplification also has several factors in that it cuts both on the beat but also features, amplify the lyrics and gives a narrative to the lyrics. typically in amplification music videos the band plays fictional characters in the narrative.

Amplification example :All American Rejects gives you hell

In this example of an Amplification music video we can see that it clearly cuts on the beat, the narrative is about neighbors fighting which fits with the lyrics of the song, the band also plays a fictional role in the video.


A disjunction video cuts off the beat and can feel more like a film. The video will shows abstract images which have nothing to do with the lyrics. there is typically no performance by the artist, there can also sometimes be dialogue.

Disjunction example: Daft Punk - da funk

In this example we can see that it cuts off the beat and is more like a film in that there is dialogue and no singing, there is also no performance by the artist.

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