Thursday, 5 September 2013

research post 7

Low budget video ideas

A Ha! Imogen Heap

At the start of the video we hear a loud bang, the video cuts in at this point and is edited to the music the whole way through. as we start to get into the song the editing immediately steps up in pace to stay with the pace of the music. we also see the artist lip sync with the song at several points throughout the song which is typical of a music video. They seemed to have sped up and slowed down some of the clips in order to make it fit with the music track. at several points through out the video we see the artist cross faded over different instruments that are being played. From this video the ideas that i have gained are, keep the pace of the editing and the pace of the music at the same speed and use lots of close ups in order to cut away to.

The Fix - Just Got Paid.

In this video they use a variety of locations that are vary simple and easy to set up, the fact that they all turn around one after each other and that they all are doing the dance routine tells us that they are a boy band. there is a large amount of high key lighting which goes well with the feel of the song as it quite up beat. they lip sync the artists with the song really well. they used the mtv intro and outro titles which work well with this song as it is where you would expect something like this to be played. from this the ideas that  have taken are, use high key lighting to illuminate your artist or low key lighting to shade your artist depending on the song, i have also learned that by using a wide variety of locations it makes look more high budget as you are filming in more locations.

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